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The marble, natural stone, tile and masonry industries have historically been associated with fine craftsmanship. With the industry's dramatic growth in recent years, this tradition of quality faces its most serious challenge. We at Miracle Sealants Company are dedicated to preserving this quality image.

In the 1920's, our grandfather Joseph Salvo emigrated from Italy to the United States and, with hard work and a strong commitment, established his own marble, terrazzo and tile company.

When our father Elio E. Salvo founded Miracle Sealants Company he utilized the knowledge learned from his father and in turn, passed it on to his sons Joseph and Albert Salvo. Our active involvement makes us a company driven by three generations of stone and tile care professionals.

This experience enables us to recognize the best ways to care for marble, limestone, travertine, granite and other natural stone as well as ceramic tile and masonry surfaces. It was the catalyst for our first product, 511 Impregnator introduced to the market place in 1984. Through this product, we showed that properly protected natural stone, tile & masonry surfaces can last forever.

As we talked with those interested in the care of natural stone and tile, we saw an even greater need for a comprehensive on-going maintenance program. Before introducing this program, we spent years in the laboratory. Whenever a product was developed, we ran it through a series of rigid tests, and then continued to refine it. Even now, we are developing exciting new products to enhance our existing line.

Though we have combined our unique products and techniques into the first comprehensive natural stone and tile maintenance program available today, we are still not satisfied. Our ultimate goal is to educate designers, architects, developers, installers, maintenance contractors and the home owner about the proper care of these elegant surfaces. By sharing our expertise we can assure a continuing growth market which never has to sacrifice quality.

We are excited and proud to introduce new products for the stone, tile and masonry industries. These new products offer the same standard for quality that has been the trademark for Miracle Sealants Company since 1984.

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