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Mohawk RevWood Laminate

Mohawk RevWood Laminate Flooring: Elevating Spaces with Innovation and Sustainability

Introduction to Mohawk RevWood Laminate Flooring

Mohawk RevWood Laminate Flooring embodies the quintessence of American ingenuity and craftsmanship. Renowned for its premium, American-made laminated wood, RevWood offers an unparalleled blend of durability, aesthetic appeal, and environmental responsibility. With a mission deeply rooted in innovation, design excellence, and sustainability, Mohawk RevWood Laminate Flooring is committed to transforming spaces while contributing to the well-being of the planet.

Product/Service Range

RevWood's diverse range of laminate flooring options is meticulously designed to meet the rigorous demands of architects, interior designers, and facility managers. The collection includes RevWood Select, RevWood Plus, and RevWood Premiere, each offering unique styles, colors, and cutting-edge technologies such as WetProtect®, GenuEdge®, and CleanProtect®, ensuring maximum durability, aesthetics, and maintenance ease.

  • RevWood Select
    Features six unique styles across 27 colors, all with milled bevel edges and a 10-year waterproof protection, ensuring longevity and ease of care.
  • RevWood Plus
    Boasts eleven unique styles in 47 colors, equipped with WetProtect® for a lifetime of surface and subfloor waterproof protection, making it ideal for high-moisture environments.
  • RevWood Premiere
    Offers four distinct styles in 18 colors, incorporating Signature™ Technology for the highest level of beauty, durability, and waterproof protection, alongside CleanProtect® Antimicrobial properties.

Design and Aesthetic Impact

Mohawk RevWood Laminate Flooring is not just about performance; it's a source of inspiration for creativity and innovation in design. The extensive range of styles and colors, combined with realistic textures and finishes, allows for complete creative freedom, enabling designers to achieve the desired ambiance and aesthetics in any space. The integration of GenuEdge® Technology offers the most authentic hardwood looks, enhancing the overall design narrative of projects.

Technical Specifications and Sustainability

RevWood laminate flooring is designed with technical excellence, ensuring durability, ease of installation, and minimal maintenance. Its resistance to scratches, fading, and stains, especially from pets, through the All Pet® Warranty, makes it a practical choice for both residential and commercial spaces. Emphasizing sustainability, RevWood's carbon-negative production process showcases Mohawk's commitment to eco-friendly practices, aligning with the growing demand for sustainable design solutions.

Case Studies or Testimonials

Architects and designers have leveraged Mohawk RevWood Laminate Flooring to bring their visions to life, praising its blend of functionality and aesthetics. In one notable project, a facility manager highlighted how the RevWood Plus line transformed a high-traffic lobby into a welcoming, durable space, significantly reducing maintenance costs and enhancing the building's environmental footprint.


Mohawk RevWood Laminate Flooring stands at the intersection of innovation, sustainability, and design excellence. With its robust product offerings, commitment to environmental stewardship, and unparalleled aesthetic appeal, RevWood is an ideal choice for professionals looking to enhance the functionality and beauty of their spaces. Explore Mohawk RevWood Laminate Flooring's offerings and embark on a journey to redefine your projects with flooring solutions that marry durability with design flair.

Encourage readers to delve deeper into the world of Mohawk RevWood Laminate Flooring by visiting the website, exploring the online catalog, or reaching out to a sales representative to discover how these innovative flooring solutions can transform their next project.

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Featured Products

RevWood Plus
Mohawk RevWood Laminate
RevWood Plus

RevWood Plus combines Mohawk’s unique Hydroseal and Uniclic technologies with GenuEdge, an innovative beveling technology that provides enhanced realism and added moisture protection. RevWood Plus is so waterproof, it can be steam mopped.

RevWood Select
Mohawk RevWood Laminate
RevWood Select

RevWood Select offers superior waterproof performance. Made with Mohawk's unique Hydroseal technology, which repels moisture, and Uniclic, a glueless locking system that traps water on the surface, RevWood Select is designed to withstand spills and splashes.