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Lauzon Hardwood Flooring

Unveiling the Craftsmanship and Sustainability of Lauzon Hardwood Flooring for Design and Architecture

Introduction to Lauzon Hardwood Flooring

Lauzon Hardwood Flooring stands out as a beacon of style and quality in the hardwood flooring industry. Founded in 1985 in the Outaouais region of Quebec, Lauzon is a family-run company that embodies deep-seated values rooted in the rich Canadian forest. With a unique business model encompassing the complete production cycle—“from forest to floor”—Lauzon ensures exceptional quality control and eco-responsible practices, from sustainably logging wood in managed forests to finishing the floors with environmentally friendly techniques.

Extensive Product and Service Range

Lauzon offers a diverse range of hardwood flooring options tailored to the needs of architects, interior designers, and facility managers. The collection includes various species such as American Hickory, Black Walnut, Brazilian Cherry, Santos Mahogany, Canadian Hard Maple, and North American and European White Oak. These woods are available in a variety of widths and textures—from the subtle elegance of smooth textures to the rich detail of brushed surfaces. Furthermore, Lauzon floors are renowned for their engineered multi-ply construction that ensures durability and stability.

Design and Aesthetic Impact

The aesthetic versatility of Lauzon Hardwood Flooring enables professionals to elevate any space. Whether it's the robust hues of Brazilian Cherry or the delicate grains of White Oak, each species offers unique design possibilities. Lauzon’s floors have played pivotal roles in numerous high-profile design projects, setting trends and enhancing the natural beauty of spaces. The wide array of textures and finishes, from ultra-matte to semi-gloss, allows designers to create environments that reflect distinct personalities and styles.

Technical Specifications and Sustainability

Lauzon Hardwood Flooring not only excels in aesthetics but also in environmental stewardship. The floors are produced without solvents or added VOCs, reflecting the company’s commitment to the well-being of both people and the planet. Innovations such as the TitaniumTM and Pure GeniusTM finishes offer advanced protection against wear and enhance indoor air quality by breaking down harmful contaminants. These technological advancements showcase Lauzon’s leadership in creating sustainable, high-performance flooring solutions.

Case Studies and Testimonials

Numerous architects and designers have integrated Lauzon floors into their projects with exceptional results. For instance, a recent renovation project utilized Lauzon’s European White Oak to achieve a light, airy feel that harmoniously blended with modern furnishings, effectively showcasing the floor’s ability to enhance both aesthetic and functional aspects of the space.


Lauzon Hardwood Flooring offers unmatched quality, sustainability, and design flexibility, making it an ideal choice for professionals in architecture and interior design. By choosing Lauzon, designers and facility managers not only fulfill their creative visions but also contribute to a healthier, more sustainable environment. For those looking to explore further, Lauzon invites you to view their online catalog or contact their dedicated team to discuss how they can meet your specific project needs.

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