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Evoke® Luxury Vinyl Floors

Unveiling Evoke® Luxury Vinyl Flooring: A Deep Dive into Design and Sustainability

In the world of architecture and interior design, where innovation meets aesthetics, Evoke® Luxury Vinyl Flooring emerges as a frontrunner, crafting spaces that resonate with both functionality and style. This comprehensive exploration into Evoke® Luxury Vinyl Flooring reveals why it stands as a pivotal choice for architects, interior designers, and facility managers aiming to meld sustainability with cutting-edge design.

Introduction to Evoke® Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Evoke® Luxury Vinyl Flooring, a subsidiary of Metropolitan Floors Inc., represents the epitome of flooring solutions that blend classic aesthetics with contemporary functionality. With a history rooted in quality assurance and environmental compliance, Evoke® Flooring is not just about creating visually appealing spaces but also about ensuring the sustainability and durability of its products. This commitment to excellence is evident in their diverse collections of laminate, luxury vinyl, rigid core, and Surge® floors, each tailored to meet the intricate demands of modern spaces.

Range of Products and Services

Evoke® offers an extensive portfolio of flooring solutions, each designed to meet a spectrum of design and functional requirements. From the waterproof luxury vinyl options perfect for residential, healthcare, and commercial settings to the rigid core collections that combine durability with style, Evoke® ensures a solution for every space.

Luxury Vinyl Collections:
Including Structure, Main Street, Pillar, Turnkey, Anchor, and Art Walk, these collections offer waterproof, durable, and stylish flooring options. With design flexibility, high-performance top coats, and a variety of installation patterns, these collections cater to a wide range of applications from residential to heavy-duty commercial spaces.

Rigid Core Collections:
Astoria, Avondale, Bridge, Sheffield, and more, stand out with their waterproof composite core, superior scratch and abrasion resistance, and ease of installation. These collections offer an array of design options, ensuring that each space can achieve its unique aesthetic while maintaining practicality and durability.

Design and Aesthetic Impact

Evoke® Luxury Vinyl Flooring transcends traditional flooring by offering products that contribute significantly to the aesthetic and functional aspects of design projects. The versatility in design, coupled with the ability to mimic natural textures like wood, makes Evoke® products an ideal choice for enhancing the visual appeal of any space. The flexibility in patterns and the seamless transitions between rooms enable designers to create cohesive and inviting environments.

Technical Specifications and Sustainability

Evoke® stands at the forefront of sustainability, with all products undergoing rigorous indoor air quality testing to comply with CA Section 01350, recognized by LEED for contributing to good indoor air quality. The products are also GREENGUARD Gold certified, representing one of the strictest emissions standards globally. This dedication to environmental compliance ensures that Evoke® flooring solutions are not only safe for indoor environments but also contribute to the global initiative of sustainable design.

Case Studies and Testimonials

Architects, interior designers, and facility managers have successfully incorporated Evoke® Luxury Vinyl Flooring into a myriad of projects, showcasing the practical benefits and design enhancements provided by these solutions. From revitalizing healthcare facilities with waterproof and durable flooring options to elevating retail spaces with elegant and resilient surfaces, Evoke® has proven its value across diverse applications.


Evoke® Luxury Vinyl Flooring embodies the intersection of innovation, design, and sustainability, offering comprehensive solutions that meet the evolving needs of today's architectural and interior design projects. By choosing Evoke®, professionals not only opt for a product that elevates the aesthetic of their spaces but also invest in flooring that upholds the highest standards of environmental responsibility. Explore Evoke® Luxury Vinyl Flooring's offerings further to discover how they can transform your next project into a testament to modern design and sustainability.

Architects, interior designers, and facility managers are encouraged to delve into the world of Evoke® Luxury Vinyl Flooring. Visit the Evoke® website, view the online catalog, or contact a sales representative today to see how these innovative flooring solutions can bring your design visions to life.